Megan's Launches Draught Beer from Prime Time

Megan's Launches Draught Beer from Prime Time

Nestled in neighbourhoods across London and beyond, Megan's has long been renowned for its brunches, lunches, dinner and unbeatable cocktails. Now, there's a new reason to celebrate as Megan's launches draught beer. In partnership with Prime Time, we're thrilled to see our lager and IPA on tap across the estate. 

For those familiar with Megan's, the restaurant always loved for its cosy ambiance and mouthwatering dishes now adds an exciting addition to their menus with our crisp and refreshing beers. 

Prime Time is not only low calorie and low carb beer, but award winning in taste. Whether you're craving the crisp, refreshing notes of lager, or the bold and hoppy character of our IPA, there's something on tap to satisfy every palate. As a beer brewed right here in the UK, this feels like the perfect partnership. 

Whether you're looking for the perfect fuel post exercise, catching up with friends or planning your next romantic dinner, Megan's now offers the perfect accompaniment - a cold, refreshing pint of Prime Time! 

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