Pouring our Efforts into Ocean Conservation with Seven Clean Seas

Pouring our Efforts into Ocean Conservation with Seven Clean Seas

Cheers to a Cleaner Ocean!

When we launched Prime Time we always set out to do things a little differently, from the way we brew our beer, to the impact we have on the planet, right through to the community we’re fostering around the brand. 

As part of this and our commitment to sustainability we're partnered with ocean clean-up team Seven Clean Seas to help remove plastic from the world's oceans.

We’re working to combat the impact of the broader beer industry by actively helping to remove plastic that’s made its way into our marine environments. Seven Clean Seas removes the plastic by building clean-up projects in some of the world’s most heavily plastic polluted areas, initially focused on Indonesia. 

For every bottle sold, we remove 4.2 grams of plastic from the marine environment. 

Every year, up to 34 billion plastic bottles enter the ocean, they’re also the number one most found item by weight in beach clean ups. Seven Clean Seas are on a mission to become the world’s largest preventer of ocean plastic pollution. So far, they have removed over 2.8 million kg of plastic from the ocean. 

Our partnership with Seven Clean Seas means that each quarter we donate a portion of our profits reflective of how many Prime Time's are sold in the UK, and the team use this contribution to help fund their projects, removing the equivalent weight of 1 plastic bottle for every 2 cans of Prime Time.

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