From launch, Prime Time had a strong vision. We wanted to brew great tasting beers for the better you - low carbohydrate low calorie that didn’t leave you feeling bloated and guilty. But we also wanted to protect and nurture the environment that enables us to brew this quality beer. 

From day one we’ve been brewing beers that are downright delicious, but we knew we couldn’t stop there. We’re on a quest to brew a better future, minimising our footprint and maximising the positive impact we have on the environment. 

While we’re dedicated to improving all of our systems, as we launch our sustainability charter our 3 core focuses are; 


Prime Time is teaming up with Seven Clean Seas, working to combat the impact of the broader industry by actively helping to remove plastic waste that’s made its way into our oceans.

For every bottle sold, we remove 4.2 grams of plastic from the marine environment. 

Production and Packaging

Prime Time is brewed right here in the UK, supporting the domestic economy and minimising our carbon footprint. 

We’ve moved towards 100% plastic free packaging, including our cans where we now print directly onto them to remove any plastic wrapping.

All of the boxes we use are FSC certified, this means it’s part of an end-to-end sustainable process, including sustainably sourced raw materials of which 76% are already recycled fibres due to the circular production process.


Our breweries are industry leaders when it comes to energy efficient processes. These include the use of solar panels for electricity (with excess energy dispersed to the national grid), and redeploying heat as a waste product from the beer chillers to head the offices.

Prime Time is also produced using the world’s first beer source heat pump. Heat is sourced from the fermenting beer and re-routed to heat water for the boiler to start the brewing process.

It's Sustainability, But Better.