On a warm summers day the conflicting love triangle between beer, fitness and having a good time became too strong to ignore and we knew a solution was needed!

With a vision to bring innovation to the market, we started developing the perfect love child.


After assessing the market and identifying a clear demand for a lager that didn't induce fatigue, make you sluggish and come with all the unnecessary calories and carbs, we went to work!

Our aim was to create beers that do not compromise on taste and that served a purpose! 2 years of trials, developments, tweaks and a lot of testing (drinking beers) later, Prime Time was born.


Thus, after years of blood, sweat, and beers we are proud to introduce the world’s first low-calorie, caffeine-infused lager, and its refreshingly sexy sibling the Classic, our low calorie lager! We are extremely excited to share with you our full-flavoured, full-strength, reduced calorie beers expertly brewed here in the UK using top quality ingredients and a touch of wizardry to ensure we do not compromise on taste!

Both our beers boast 95 calories (30% less than standard premium beers), 4g of carbs (63% less than standard premium beers), 4.2% ABV and are both vegan friendly and gluten free.

We believe life should be lived to the fullest and funnest (this is a word), and we aim to be here for not only a good time but, a long time! #itsprimetime!

Want to help pioneer a new wave of premium lager?

We're always on the look out for people with a genuine love for the brand and who want to help us build something special! Send us an email and let's grab a cold one 🍻